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October 14, 2013
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PKMN Armonia App - Morgana Vomer by Powerwing-Amber PKMN Armonia App - Morgana Vomer by Powerwing-Amber

WARNING! This application is currently obsolete! A new version with Morgana's evolved form is coming soon!

Updated from this: PKMN Armonia App - Morgana Vomer by Powerwing-Amber

:new: 11/26/2014 - Morgana received the TM ROUND from Jace. :heart:
~ 09/13/2014 - Morgana turned 18, making her an adult! And... did she evolve into a houndoom!? Oh mai! :o
~ 07/26/2014 - Morgana gained 6 levels and learned Embargo!
~ 07/19/2014 - After being defeated in battle, Morgana decided getting a full healing move would be a good idea and has since snagged the TMs Rest and Sleep Talk.
~ 05/28/2014 - Updated with Armonia's new emblem... and Morgana has an owwie.

Could it be? YES! I finally finished Morgana's new application for :iconpkmn-armonia: and I do believe it looks TONS better than the last one. So, do me a kindness and fav this one to replace the older version. :aww: (I'll still keep the older one around for memory's sake.)

Yes, you may draw Morgana. There is no reason to ask me for permission. ^^ (Just nothing inappropriate, please. XP)


:iconmorgana-vomer: Let's begin...

:bulletred: Name: Freiin Morgana von Vomer (or just Morgana Vomer for short)
Nicknames: Lil' Morg {by her stepmother, Georgette the Skuntank}
Morgy {by Rufi Mclean the Smeargle}
Little PYT {by MJ the Lopunny spirit}
Black Sakura/Black Cherry Blossom {by *to be revealed! =x*}

:bulletblack: Age: First introduced: 15 Currently: 18

:bulletred: Gender: Female ♀

:bulletblack: Pokémon: #228 Houndour (Delvil)

:bulletred: Birthday: September 13, 1996

:bulletblack: Height: 5ft 0in (152.4cm)

:bulletred: Weight: ¬_¬ None of your damn business...

:bulletblack: Nature: Serious

:bulletred: Summary characteristic: Often Lost In Thought

:bulletblack: Level: Began: 32 Currently: 38

:bulletred: Ability: Flash Fire

:bulletblack: Hometown: Currently: Lavaridge Town (Hoenn)
Birthplace: Route 7/Outskirts of Saffron City (Kanto)

:bulletred: Favorite Flavor: Sour
Favorite Berry: Belue Berry

:bulletblack: Hated Flavor: Sweet

:bulletred: Personality:
Morgana is not the easiest pokemon to get along with. She’s very introverted and spends most of her time with her nose in a book or working on some project. When she speaks, she’s very blunt and sarcastic, never holding back what’s truly on her mind. Her tone of voice tends to be very deadpan, almost monotone, but, on a good day, with a very dry wit about her.

While she’s normally not one to enjoy the company of others, she doesn’t have many qualms with one-on-one conversations, IF she finds the pokemon intelligent enough to converse with her. However, even on days when she doesn’t mind the company, her sarcasm, dry wit and morbid (black) sense of humor tend to drive others away from her. Combine that with the fact that she seems to never smile, most feel she comes off as creepy, angsty or just plain arrogant.

Despite her attitude now, there was a time when Morgana was very sweet and caring. Perhaps if someone could “defrost” this “ice queen”, one might see that personality show itself again.

As of lately, Morgana's personality has lightened up quite a bit. Thanks to Jace, he's managed to defrost the young houndour, if only a little. She's still a bit of a grump at times and her bluntness and sarcasm are still there, but she seems to lack the strong distaste she once had for the living. She's even smiling genuinely more often and the world hasn't exploded! See?!. Perhaps she's capable of tolerating annoying circumstances much better than before. However, she has seemed to gain a bit of a mischievous, playful personality, but that only appears to show itself when she's around pokemon she's most comfortable with.
It's also now apparent that she's very conservative (or perhaps shy?) about any PDA that she and Jace may share. At most, she may hold his hand or lean against him. But when they're alone, she's like a completely different houndour; one that is more than capable of giving her affections to the nidoran♂ she cares for than one might originally believe.

:bulletblack: History:
Before Armonia
Morgana comes from a long line of paranormal investigators who hunt down the mysterious literal ghosts that are said to roam around the Pokemon World. From the unknown lost ghost children without names to the most famous ghosts like the Marowak Mother of Lavender Town, Morgana’s relatives have always been there to investigate and either quell or exorcise the said spirits that stray about. They all use their keen senses and the move Odor Sleuth to easily find these ghosts and communicate with them.

While some pokemon find this line of business to be either very interesting or very useful for the community, many others however look upon the investigators with a level of unease or even see them as some sort of a joke, especially now-a-days in the modern world. But, in this line of work, one must take the good with the bad from both the living and the dead.

Morgana learned early in her puppyhood not to be afraid of literal ghosts since her father, Angelo, frequently traveled with his family to various haunted locations from all over the world. Even at the tender age of four, her dad took her along with him to see what these spirits looked like and how to properly handle them, much to the apprehension of her mother: Ursula. The little houndour showed great potential with her Odor Sleuth move; along with using her other senses; and serious, but calm demeanor to communicate with the ghosts and put them at ease. Morgana’s proud papa was certain that his little girl would make a great paranormal investigator once she grew up.

As she grew, so did her natural abilities to find literal ghosts. With her father’s help, she learned more tricks of the trade; such as how to protect herself with various items, the most important being the pendant of Arceus, which would prevent demonic possession and persuasion; and use certain items and words which could easily quell or repel certain types of ghosts. Morgana seemed to get much enjoyment out of her new line of work. However, as the years went by and she had to listen to the sad and tragic stories of murder, suicide, betrayal and other various tales that the ghosts would tell her, Morgana’s mood slowly began to sour. All the horrible things the living would do to these deceased ones… and even those that still continued to torture these poor lost souls, caused the houndour to grow disillusioned and her heart to grow cold.

These feelings (or lack thereof) became much worse after a certain incident involving a very special shiny poochyena friend she once had as a child; one whom returned to her years later as a spirit to rekindle the passionate flames they once lost. Yet, like the blaze that flares brightly in a supernova before the inevitable darkness; it was not meant to last. Unlike most intense, teenage romances however... this one ended in a way that was unlike any other. One that would open the door to a horrifying world that Morgana had read about, but was not prepared to see with her own eyes. A dark, torturous, glitched hell that would traumatize the houndour to her very core.

"It... it vas all my fault..."

Soon after, Morgana shut down. She began to despise the ways of the living, so much so that she pulled herself away from real life, hiding herself within books, music, movies; or quiet, vacant places like graveyards, forests and abandoned buildings; just to escape the madness of it all. Eventually, she started ignoring the literal ghosts that needed her help and thus, her natural abilities started to stagnate.

A very concerned Angelo and Georgette (her stepmother) saw that the young houndour was heading in a bad direction. Angelo suggested strongly that perhaps a change of pace and scenery would do Morgana some good. He told of a rumored school on a faraway island that taught young children how to properly use, control and enhance their powers as well as teach them the values of peace, understanding, unity, hope and love. Perhaps if Morgana went there, her powers, outlook on life and view of those that still live would be restored. Both parents asked Morgana if she would be interested in going to such an establishment, although, they worried she would refuse. However, a spark seemed to go off in the houndour’s eyes for a second, a spark that Angelo hadn’t seen in years. Morgana accepted the offer soon after, even requesting to leave as soon as possible.

The question is, however, is Morgana going to this school to appease her father’s wishes, or does the houndour have an alternate motive…?

After Armonia
After a year in the institute, Morgana has experienced quite a ride. She's performed on stage, turned pink, changed into an ice-type, danced with Darkrai, looked for lost larvesta babies, went on a pirate adventure, fought and quelled some lost spirits and even made some friends in the spirit world. She's gained a larvesta egg, which hatched into a lovely, fluffy baby a few months later; and a new outlook on life. Her grades have been excellent and her powers seem to have increased strongly compared to when she first arrived.
While she's still a bit anti-social and a huge, sarcastic grump, Morgana has managed to make a few friends during her time here as well. Her once hard heart is slowly defrosting and a certain nidoran♂ is hoping to melt it completely. Can he possibly do such a task?

Apparently, he can! After spending much time together, changing from acquaintances to best friends, Jace the Nidoran ♂ finally gathered up the courage to ask Morgana to be his girlfriend. This occurred a few days after her 17th birthday when he visited her at her Lavaridge Town home on vacation. While she refused his proposal at first, wondering if it was too early to be jumping into such a relationship, Morgana finally succumbed to his charms two days later and they have been together ever since; a decision she hasn't regretted. Each day, the two of them become closer and Morgana's condition slowly subsides to allow Jace to embrace her more easily. While her phobia still isn't cured, she has gotten used to Jace; and to her, that's all that really matters for now.

:bulletred: Hobbies:
- Reading Books - Morgana loves her books, especially readings on Arceus and the creation of the pokemon world, as well as her ghost & monster stories. The houndour also seems to have an obsession with reading books about ancient voodoo practices, decomposition, mummification and embalming… Uhh…
- Making “Dolls” - Morgana also has a morbid fascination with making dolls. Yes, dolls. Dolls that happen to look like other pokemon… that she happens to know personally… and that she doesn’t particularly like very well… and they have needles sticking in various sp… Holy crap! Are those voodoo dolls!? Don’t worry, though. They’re probably just for show. Probably…
- Listening to MJ!? - Morgana loves to listen to Michael Jackrabbit the Lopunny, but only in secret! Not a soul living or dead knows about this (except for those of you reading this of course, but don’t tell, okay!).
- Star Gazing - On clear nights, Morgana enjoys this activity, especially on top of a roof or within a graveyard. They tend to calm her even after the worst of days.

:bulletblack: Main Moveset:
:iconnormaltypeplz:- Odor Sleuth - An inherited, non-damaging status move passed down through generations of Morgana’s bloodline. It enables Ghost-types to be hit with Normal and Fighting attacks. It also resets the evasion stat of the target.
She’s able to use her keen nose to sniff out a Ghost-type’s weakness, making them vulnerable to any form of attack. She can also use this technique to take advantage of any annoying evading enemy, so she can hit them almost without fail.
(Out of Battle Uses) - Morgana uses this ability to find literal ghosts and reveal their true forms without the use of a Silph Scope. It's revealed she can also use it to find hidden passageways and occasionally, hidden items.
:iconfiretypeplz:- Heat WaveTutor - A strong special attack that blasts adjacent targets with a spinning, fiery wind. Has a 10% chance of causing a burn!
Morgana emits all of her body heat in one swell burst, engulfing any opponents that are close-by, all-the-while, keeping any of her teammates out of harm’s way by quickly re-absorbing the heat around them with her Flash Fire ability.
:icondarktypeplz:- Dark PulseTutor - An incredibly powerful special attack which can be hard to control at times. This horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts has a 20% chance of causing all targets to flinch!
Morgana concentrates on the pulses of her own heartbeat to release explosive bursts of darkness. Any pokemon caught in the path of this attack unprepared will be severely harmed, regardless of it being friend or foe.
:icongrasstypeplz:- Solar BeamTM - An incredibly powerful special attack which absorbs light energy on the first turn to fire at multiple targets on the second turn.
After Morgana was given this TM on her 14’th birthday from her father, she has learned to use it well. It takes awhile to charge, but once it is, it can be a devastating and a much unexpected attack for most opponents. On a good sunny day, Morgana can even fire off many Solar Beams without the use of charging. She’s very good at controlling this power, but there have been rumors of a teammate or two accidentally taking the tail-end of the attack…
(Out of Battle Uses) - Morgana uses this ability to assist in exorcising the demonic and trouble-making literal ghosts who refuse to pass on and whose souls cannot be quelled. Very useful when no true sunlight is available.

:bulletred: Level Up Moves Available:
:iconnormaltypeplz: LeerStart :iconfiretypeplz: EmberStart :iconnormaltypeplz: HowlLevel 4 :iconpoisontypeplz: SmogLevel 8 :iconnormaltypeplz: RoarLevel 13 :icondarktypeplz: BiteLevel 17 :icondarktypeplz: Beat UpLevel 25 :iconfiretypeplz: Fire FangLevel 28 :icondarktypeplz: Feint AttackLevel 32 :icondarktypeplz: EmbargoLevel 37

:bulletblack: Egg/TM Moves Available:
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder FangEgg :iconpsychictypeplz: RestTM :iconnormaltypeplz: Sleep TalkTM :iconnormaltypeplz: RoundTM

:bulletred: House: Fable Stamp by KeIdeo

:bulletblack: School Schedule:
• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science
• Health & Sex Ed

• Zoology
• Music
• Survival
• Literature Dropped

• Pets Club



:bulletred: Orientation: Heteromantic Heterosexual

:bulletblack: Western Zodiac Sign: Gothorita [Virgo ♍]

:bulletred: Chinese Zodiac Sign: Raticate [Rat] - Fire element

:bulletblack: Humorism Type: Melancholic (Black Bile)

:bulletred: Myers-Briggs Type: Dominant Introverted Concrete Thinker

:bulletblack: Family:
- Freiherr Angelo von Vomer (Houndoom father) - Nature: Calm / Characteristic: Strong Willed
- Georgette Vomer (Shiny Skuntank stepmother) - Nature: Sassy / Characteristic: Loves to Eat

- Skyler Vomer (Skunky stepbrother) - Nature: Brave / Characteristic: Highly Curious

- Freiherr Immanuel von Vomer (Shiny Furfrou grandfather - dad's side) - Nature: Serious / Characteristic: Good Perseverance
- Freiin Ilse Vomer (Houndoom grandmother - dad's side) - Nature: Careful / Characteristic: Alert to Sounds

- Shamir Sway (Houndoom grandfather - mom's side) - Nature: Rash / Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn
- Castalia Sway (Houndoom grandmother - mom's side) - Nature: Timid / Characteristic: Somewhat Vain

- Atticus Crepu (Sawsbuck grandfather - stepmom's side) - Nature: Quiet / Characteristic: Often Lost in Thought
- Wisteria (Winny) Crepu (Skuntank grandmother - stepmom's side) - Nature: Gentle / Characteristic: Likes to Relax

- Salem (Purrloin family pet - male) - Nature: Lax / Characteristic: Takes Plenty of Siestas

- Ursula Vomer (Houndoom mother) - Nature: Impish / Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning {current whereabouts unknown}

:bulletred: Pet(s): Reeves the Murkrow, Seraph the Larvesta

:bulletblack: Friends:
Mains: Rufi Mclean the Smeargle, Stellanova Volantis the Zweilous, Ko the Mismagius, Jace Hemlock the Nidoran♂ , Zane McCormick the Houndour
NPCs: Puck McRossa the Zorua Spirit, Fiore Vhalamer the Roserade Spirit

:bulletred: Carried Items:
Note: Not all items listed are shown on the application
- Pendant of Arceus (worn)
- Spiked collar with Jace's ring (worn)
- Grimoire (x2)
- Kooky (toy)
Morgana always carries around this stuffed Banette plushie with her wherever she goes. Inside of this plush mostly contains important ghost finding, interacting and exorcising items such as:
- Bones (mainly her own shed bones)
- Vial of holy water
- Small white crystal
- Salt (non-iodized)
- Garlic (sealed)
- Dried sage
- Silver dagger (sheathed)
- Pen and notepad
- Voodoo dolls of various students (namely Rufi the Smeargle)
- Small blue photo album

:bulletblack: Various Genetic Facts:
- Like her father, Morgana knows quite a bit of German and speaks with a thick German accent.
- Also like her father, Morgana carries a royal title at the beginning of her name. Hers being Freiin, meaning Baroness. However, while her ancestors carried this title to symbolize their nobility, it's now just tacked on as a surname, since that part of Morgana's family has long since perished.
- Kooky, her Banette plushie, was an old gift from her real mother, Ursula, who disappeared from her life when she was two. Morgana can’t remember much of her anymore, so emotionally she seems unaffected by the loss. However, her heart seems to have not forgotten and so she subconsciously never wants to let go of the toy, even though she can’t really understand why.
- The pendant of Arceus that Morgana wears works in the Pokemon World like a cross would work in the Real World when it comes to using it against literal ghosts.
- Morgana exhales smoke on a regular basis and this smoke is a strong indicator of her health. If healthy, the smoke is white or almost clear with no smell. If sick or injured, it takes on a strange scent and changes color to grey. If in critical condition, the smoke turns thick and black (possibly poisonous) with a foul odor to it.
- Morgana was born on Friday the 13'th.
- Despite being part Fire-type, Morgana can swim and bathe, albeit creating a large amount of steam and rendering her fire moves null. However, she can’t stay in water for longer than 30 minutes at a time or else she’ll start to take damage. (She is damaged normally by Water attacks, though.)
- Normally having Flash Fire as an ability is a good thing. Absorbing enough flames can give Morgana a huge boost in power and even energy, which can lighten her mood a bit. However, if she continues to absorb flames and doesn't use up her fire attacks now and then, the excess energy can make her fidgety and can eventually turn her extremely aggressive. Her body will also uncontrollably discharge fire on its own if she's startled or angered if its built up enough.
- Due to keeping her distance from others, Morgana’s moves and stats have also grown to reflect this. Her Special Attack is very high, and her Special Defense and Speed are nothing to sneeze at, either. However, her physical Attack and Defense are very weak. She must rely on her keeping her opponent(s) at a distance at ALL times if she wishes to win, let alone survive, any battles.
- Basically, Morgana is a 'Paper Ram'. This means she has high offense and good speed, but absolutely minimal defense. Phenomenal cosmic power... itty bitty life bar.
- Morgana's eyes glow in the dark (as most Dark-types and canines do), however the color of the glow varies depending on what she's doing.
*Purple glow - Normal
*Golden glow - Using/Preparing Heat Wave
*Red glow - Using/Preparing Dark Pulse
*Greenish-white glow - Using/Preparing Solar Beam

:bulletred: Various Quirks:
- If you want to know how Morgana is truly feeling, look at her tail. Various wags, twitches and postures give away her real emotions. However, good luck taking a peek without her noticing.
- If Morgana is very curious or suspicious of someone or something, she tends to sniff them.
- Morgana is an excellent dancer, although she would never admit it and NEVER will dance in public. Well, that was a lie. XD;
- Billy Jean is not her lover.
- Morgana has shown an interest in playing the piano and has actually gotten rather good at it. She's still practicing and honing her skills to play more complicated songs, though.
- Morgana dresses in a way that makes her appear much older than she actually is. The reason for this is anyone’s guess.
- Morgana tends to drool very heavily in her sleep and tends to snore deafeningly loud too. I do NOT! Whoever typed zat is a filthy liar!
- Morgana likes to collect the old bones she sheds and use them when searching for literal ghosts. She also likes to keep these bones for sentimental reasons.
- Due to keeping her distance, Morgana seems to have developed a complex that makes her hyper sensitive to touch. Her body has grown so accustomed to not having contact with other bodies, that it goes haywire when someone touches her unexpectedly and even expectedly at times. In most extreme cases, like hugging or kissing, Morgana can become paralyzed or even faint! (Sleeping and high amounts of adrenaline seems to null this complex, albeit temporarily.)
- However, there are exceptions. After much desensitizing, Morgana is able to get used to other pokemon to a point that she will no longer faint, but the process in doing so is very, very slow. So far, the only pokemon who can touch her without much of a reaction are her stepbrother Skyler, Zane McCormick, Jace Hemlock and all their pets.
- Morgana loves war games. Seriously, she loves them. Be careful if you decide to play against her... she tends to take these sort of games a bit too seriously...
- She's more "friendly" towards Ghost-types, probably because she's dealt with them more than any other type.
- Ironically, Morgana HATES Halloween. Not due to the festivities, but due to the spirit abuse that goes on that night. Lots of people tend to do stupid things or summon spirits they shouldn't, which gives Morgana an overabundance of work to do.
- Morgana hates sweet things and anything with caffeine in them. Not because she thinks they taste bad, but rather eating a small amount of them tends to make her hyper and twitchy. Plus, they tend to give her migraines.
- However, there is one sweet thing she doesn't mind eating. In fact, she LOVES this yummy snack, as it reminds her of her childhood back home. Let's just say it's a Lavaridge Town local specialty. ^^
- Lately, it's shown that Morgana has a fondness for children, as she seems to lighten up and become more gentle and patient when around them.

:bulletblack: Common Tropes: PKMNA - Morgana's Been Over-Troped! by Powerwing-Amber

:bulletred: Items & Stickers Collected:
PKMNA - Morgana's Official Items, Yo! by Powerwing-Amber PKMNA - Morgana's Sticker Album by Powerwing-Amber

PKMNA :: Student Application [UPDATE] by KeIdeo (c) :iconkeideo:
:iconmorgana-vomer: (c) :iconpowerwing-amber:
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AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Zane: Sorry for being late, bu happy birthday Morra! o/
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PKMNA - Morgana Avatar... AGAIN! by Powerwing-Amber Danke schön, liebes Zane. I haven't talked to you in ages, it seems.
AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Zane: Classes have been hard... :c

((So is college hurrhurr))
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PKMNA - Morgana Avatar... AGAIN! by Powerwing-Amber "Ja. Tell me about it, kleine." She smiles awkwardly as she gestures somewhat at her post-op patch. "Some classes can be more brutal zan ozers. Fufufu..."

{I understand that. Xo Some classes can really sock it to you with work.}
Darkm00nShine Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Filmographer
Rufi: You know what they say, you are never late to the party when you bring pizza! 8D *Crashes in with a pizza box... And it is only missing a slice!* Happy birthday Morgy! Now you are 18 years old, you grow up to be a big man! Now you are man! A manly manly man! :music:... I mean, a woman! All grow up woman! 8]... Congratulations on your special day gurl!... I will catch ya eventually so you are not older than me!

Tibia Hello there Miss Morgana... I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, mine was just last night. This book is from Mr. Ivan's library, but he is ok with me giving it to you. I found it pretty interesting, and it also has information that maybe you will find useful, it is about paranormal investigation... I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did... c8
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
Morgana: *She doesn't seem that thrilled with Rufi's, err... terms of endearment, but she sighs to herself anyway, knowing he probably means well.* Mm... danke, Rufus, I guess.

She turns and notices Tibia and recognizes him immediately, despite the fact the two of them haven't seen each other in so long. The very idea that the cubone remembered her birthday made her heart feel light. She smiles at the child and his offering, then pats him on the head. Danke, dear Tibia. I shall cherish zis gift greatly.
Whitewing16 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
hi amber, I was wondering would it be okay if I made a battle pic between morgana and my vulpix Rosalind from st. mortiel. Rosalind is level 35 but they're both fire types so I thought it be pretty evenly match >w<

If your not okay with it I completely understand >w<
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Yes, that would be perfectly fine. :) That would make for a very cool picture!

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oh yay thank you...well if you want to do a chat battle, you and I could do an rp and then I could draw a picture of that battle owo

Then maybe that could give you some ideas XD
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No problem at all!

Sounds good to me. ^^ When would you like to battle?
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